Valid from 1.3.2022 until further notice. Please read carefully.

  1. These terms apply to all sales by Proline Golf Oy. Changes to theses terms may only be done in advance and in writing.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are to be paid immediately. We accept most credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), mobile payments with ApplePay and GooglePay, and payments by a payment link provided by Proline Golf Oy or bank transfer to Proline Golf Oy account. Webshop orders are processed only after a payment is confirmed. Unpaid webshop orders are cancelled automatically after 24 hours of the order. Service and repair orders have to be paid before delivered to customers. Proline Golf Oy has the right not to release unpaid work or products. Late payments are subject to late payment interest, fees and costs as stipulated in Finnish law. Proline Golf Oy has a right to decline providing services to customers who have unpaid invoices, whose credit worthiness can be questioned or for any other reason. Proline Golf Oy is not obliged to disclose the reason why it declines to provide a service. Unless otherwise agreed, custom orders are to be paid in advance.
  3. Completed custom builds, and objects of service and repair work have to be collected withing one month of completion. Proline Golf Oy has a right to charge storage fees after one month of free storage. If a completed work has not been collected within six (6) months of completion, the object of the work becomes sole property of Proline Golf Oy and Proline Golf Oy may sell or dispose otherwise the object.
  4. Proline Golf Oy prices include Finnish value added tax (VAT) which is 24 % at the moment. The VAT charged is specified in all invoices. If the level of VAT is increased or new taxes, customs or other charges are introduced, Proline Golf Oy has a right to raise prices accordingly. Retail sales to EU/ETA area are conducted by charging the Finnish VAT. Intracommunity sales to companies and other entities within EU/ETA area but outside Finland can be conducted with 0 % VAT, in these cases the buyer needs to disclose a valid EU VAT number. If the home country of the customer charges any taxes, duties or other charges, the customer is fully responsible for all these costs. In no circumstances Proline Golf Oy takes any responsibility for any costs charged by customers home country.
  5. Indicated delivery times represent Proline Golf Oy's best understanding of the delivery time of various products and services in normal circumstances and are estimates. Proline Golf Oy is not liable for any damages for the customer or any third party, caused by a delay in delivery. The customer has a right to cancel the order for a full refund if delivery has not taken place within one (1) month of the indicated delivery time. If a product or service the customers has ordered and paid becomes unexpectedly unavailable or the market price due to currency exchange rate fluctuations, raw material price increases or for other reasons has increased over five (5) %, Proline Golf Oy has a right, but no obligation, to cancel the order and refund the price paid by the customer using same payment channel as the original payment was done unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Besides a full refund, the customer has no rights for any further compensation.
  6. Complaints on products and services purchased need to be done in writing within eight (8) days of purchase. Distance sales regulation including customers right to cancel and return a purchase for a full refund within fourteen (14) days applies to sales conducted over phone, email, text messages or through Proline Golf Oy's webshop. The right to cancel does not apply to services already delivered, custom orders, or products that have been taken into use. Products returned need to be in resaleable original condition and include original labels and packaging. The customer is responsible for return costs.
  7.  Products and services assignments sold are under warranty for a period of six (6) moths from the date of purchase. Foremost Proline Golf Oy tries to repair a defective product that is under warranty or where a service or repair was made. If warranty can not be solved by repair, Proline Golf Oy may under its discression replace the product with a similar product. Proline Golf Oy's liability is limited to the price paid by the customer for the product or service. In addition to the warranty issued by Proline Golf Oy, the customer may have a extended warranty issued by the manufacturer of the product. Proline Golf Oy handles manufacturers warranty issues only for products purchased from Proline Golf Oy. Proline Golf Oy warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, defects caused by abnormal use of the product, or accidental breakage regardless whether intentional or unintentional.
  8. Proline Golf Oy is not liable for damages caused by force major reasons. Force major reasons are unforeseeable and causally responsible for the damages. In all damages Proline Golf Oy's liability is limited to the price paid for the product or service.
  9. All sales are conducted in accordance to these terms and conditions and under Finnish law. If these terms and conditions are in conflict with Finnish law, Finnish law applies in that instance.